Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil

Chairman & Managing Director
VPS Healthcare

VPS Healthcare was founded in 2007 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a vision to deliver quality, affordable and accessible healthcare services to those in need of medical care.We began our journey by setting up LLH Hospital in Abu Dhabi,the capital of UAE.

In over a decade, VPS Healthcare has grown into an integrated healthcare network registering our presence in GCC, India, and Europe. We presently own and manage 24 hospitals and over 125 health centers and LifePharma, one of the UAE's largest pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

Ever since our inception in 2007, we have made crucial and substantial contributions to improve the healthcare sector of the UAE. This has helped us to grow and become the largest private healthcare group in the country catering to the medical needs of millions of people annually

We as a team are committed to delivering the best services to people at an affordable cost. Our facilities meet international standards and are rated and recognised by international agencies. We are constantly upgrading our infrastructure given the developments in the healthcare sector around the world.

Apart from growing revenues, we have also given much focus on reaching out to communities and people who are in need. VPS Healthcare was the first private healthcare group to deploy mobile mammography units to increase awareness about cancer. The group also undertook a global initiative to conduct 1,000 free heart surgeries for economically-disadvantaged people.

VPS Healthcare is also engaged in meeting the healthcare demands of Syrian refugees and Yemen war victims for the past few years. Similarly, the healthcare group was the first to respond to offer help to the Kerala government when the state was struck by Nipah viral infection and devastating floods.

Guided by a strong urge to work for the welfare of the people, our mission is to take our services to the needy around the world and touch them.